Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Stefane,' for Julianne

I finished the sweater for Julianne about a week ago. Today I washed it and it's now blocking/drying on a towel on the floor here.

'Stefane' by Cirilia Rose from Berroco #290, Vintage™ Arts & Crafts - Ravelry link

The arms look exceptionally long, even when you figure that it is supposed to come down to her knuckles and there is a thumbhole on each sleeve. However, the sleeve seams probably will sit on a raglan angle, bringing the sleeve length up a bit. I really hope it fits. The smallest size in the pattern (even though the booklet was for tweens) was a girls' large, and J is not that big a kid yet, so I made some modifications to the pattern while I was working. I also added a stitch on either side in place of a side seam so I could work it in the round. You can see here how that enabled me to do the decreases and increases into one column:

Unfortunately, as a consequence of these changes, the scye was a lot larger than the sleeve, and I really had to work ease into the seams there. I'm not 100% confident it will fit right. I guess I will have to wait to see how it fits ON her. Ugh - I hate not being certain about gifts I knit. Anyway, I'll update with a photo when she puts it on after I give it to her.

I HOPE SHE LIKES IT! There's nothing more daunting than trying to make a gift for a tween (well, except making a gift for a teenager).

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