Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The most satisfying thing I got done today

I used the recipe from Cook's Country's The New Best Recipe, which, although it was a present to Adam from my mom, is fast becoming my most trusted source for really good whatever it is I want to make. These are fat and chewy and fan-fargin-tastic. I used Ghirardelli chocolate chips instead of Nestle and they are better. The recipe has you use melted butter and remove one of the egg whites. The melted butter lets the flour have at the water it contains early so gluten develops, which helps with the chewy. To keep them from getting hard, you need the fat in two egg yolks, but the extra water in a second egg white is too much water. This is their explanation, in essence. I like that they give you their process of experimentation and deduction before giving you the recipe they derived from it. I'm a big fan!

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Eschatus said...

fan friggin' tastic.