Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Still mulling over my options

So now I'm not so sure about the orange sweater pattern, because I just went and looked through ALL the Classic Elite patterns on Patternfish and I found some beauties, two of which I think I'm going to combine for my project.

First, there's 808, The Llama - A Beast of Burden (on the right, below):

I really like this, pretty much as is. However, then I saw this - 419, Lands End Labyrinth:

I love the picot edging around the neckline and I LURVE the bottom section as well, though I'm not crazy about the central giant cable and prefer the central vertical cable in the Llama and how, as they note on Patternfish, it "anticipates the V" of the V-neck. So I may add the elements I like in Labyrinth to the Llama pattern. I bought both of them - at $4 each, they are a bargain!

Or - since this is now veering far from the original sweater that I want to recapture, which was a slightly oversized stockinette V-neck - I might just throw out all these fancy-pants ideas and go with plain stockinette.

We had our potluck lunch and holiday cookie swap today at work - I brought lasagna that Adam made - reheated with extra sauce on top, it was quite good. (We were worried that it wasn't "saucy" enough and therefore too dry.) I also made gingerbread "persons" that went over VERY well. Here you can see some of them after I iced them:

And one that didn't escape:


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Angela said...

Was Matthew helping out with those cookies??