Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Found art

I'm going through old photos to organize and categorize. I love to do stuff like this, but who has the time, usually? So I found some time to do it and am looking at my old pics. I never took many photographs until I got a digital camera because I found the costs of film AND developing just prohibitive, or at least overwhelmingly constricting to my sense of spontaneity. I'm still not in the regular habit, but I'm getting better at remembering that I have a camera with me all the time, and when I see cool things like this sky, I can just grab a shot. This was September 17, 2005. I lived in the City, still. Days like this in September don't pass without one remarking to oneself that 9/11 had such a sky. This was at the end of the day, and some remarkable sun caught on the cloud before it (the sun) set.

So I took the first picture and then an airplane obligingly crossed into the frame, completing the reference.


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