Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

For those who celebrate Christmas, have a lovely one today!

We're preparing for our dinner of friends and family, for which Adam is making a roast goose and roast duck. I made my famous stuffing, and Adam will also make mashed potatoes. He consulted his new Cook's Best Recipes book my mom gave him and read it to me; I love their scientific examination of all the variables that contribute to or take away from the perfect creamy consistency and best flavor. I'm looking forward to those! I've also requested he make my favorite gravy, which is that made from the Williams Sonoma base, in addition to the goose-drippings-cognac gravy he's making for those who don't mind a little food in their booze. :)

With a fair amount of squabbling and contentiousness last night we set up the tables (several times in an attempt to fit them into our rather small dining room) and put the new Target linens out on them. (Macy's failed us in our registry as far as linens go, removing our chosen items from availability, so I had to fall back on old Tarjhay.) This morning I set the table with our new china and silverware. Look how pretty:

Also, here are some photos of the swags of (real) pine boughs around the ceiling, with the new ornaments my mom gave us

and the ornaments my sister-in-law, brother, and their kids gave us (gherkins!)

as well as, you see above, an ornament I bought in Wyoming when we were out there this summer.

Now Adam's put on the WPIX Yule Log and has gone up to perform his ablutions. My turn's next.

May the peace and love of the holiday be with you all!

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