Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Adam and Me

Two years ago I finally woke up and realized that my coworker Adam meant more to me than "just friends." We went on our first date two years ago tonight. So today's our anniversary and I'm thrilled to be able to report that things are still just lovely with us. I am crazy about this dude and he seems to be crazy about me too. I feel tremendously lucky to have found my soul mate (FINALLY). Today we've just been hanging out (indoors, because it's roasting outside). Tonight we are going to Cuban Pete's, a restaurant in Montclair we really liked when we went there for our friend Heather's birthday party. Last night we attended the wedding of friends Spencer and Anna (and a big congratulations to them for tying the knot in such a heartfelt fashion, and also for the best dessert spread I've ever seen ... anywhere, ever). Naturally it sparks feelings of love and commitment to attend a wedding, and I'm so glad to know they're not misplaced. My best friend, my darling man, my favorite: Adam, I love you.