Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sofas and tables and chairs, oh my.

We have this sofa, which was a gift to Adam from a friend who was getting rid of it. But it's now a gnarly, dirty, ten- or twelve-year-old second-hand sofa and it needs replacing. Adam likes it so much that he decided he wanted to get another one just like it. Amazingly, Crate & Barrel STILL carries this model. The one we have is ecru but I put my foot down against that color again so he got loden. It is now on order, but this is what it will look like:

I bought a new table & chairs, as a return gift. This table:

(picture deleted)

but not the chairs in the above picture; instead, these chairs (in the honey color):

(picture deleted)

I decided it was a lot of money to spend all in one swell foop so I am splitting the cost of the sofa with Adam instead. Besides there is a new camera I have had my eye on for a really long time and I decided to buy that instead.

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