Friday, February 8, 2008

Fibrous tissue

1.6oz mix of superfine merino, baby camel, and silk bought at

I spun this up last night. It was hard to spin because of the different types of fibers mixed together, so I let it slub because I didn't have the giveadamn in me to stop and deslub every time it got a little thick. I thought, hey, this is artistic. I plied it with some of the brown. It was, well, okay plied with the brown, nice even, but I realized later I wished I'd plied it with the pink instead. It's a great pity that you can't unply. I have several things I wish I could unply and redo in another combination.

It was late last night when I finished it so I didn't take a picture of the yarn but I'll add something in tonight most likely.

Also unphotographed but out of the pot and nearly dry is the overdyed blue-teal roving. The blue isn't dark enough by half, but it's nice enough. I'm learning learning learning. Photo added:

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