Friday, February 1, 2008

Better today

I was pretty bummed out last night about getting back the design I submitted to IK. Even though I'd long known that it wasn't selected, there was something real about getting it back in the mail. The knitted swatches were a little matted, and I imagined the pages of my submission in a big pile under dozens of others, ignored and smushed. When Adam got home he wormed it out of me - he's so excited about the new job he just got an offer for that I didn't want to say anything. Anyway eventually I cried about it and realized it was bothering me a lot more than I'd thought.

Tonight when I came home I felt more energized again to work on various fiber projects. I dyed about 287 grams of roving with specks of green and brown. I used an eyedropper to drop it at random places in the roving. I dropped all the green and a little of the brown and then put the rest of the brown in the water so it would be an off-white color. The drops seem to have spread out in the wool once it was in the water, which was my expectation - I have no idea how it will come out, but I was aiming at something I saw online. It's cooling in the pot now. I also put the knitted bag in the washer to felt, the one I made from the first yarn I spun that I subsequently dyed blackberry-colored. It's washing away now and felting nicely. And I also sat down to continue spinning the brown roving that I dyed to match the bonus roving I got a couple weeks ago, some of which I plied in with the pinks. There's a lot more of the brown, and I am not sure what I want to ply it with, but I am almost done spinning it and I'll put it aside until I find whatever I think it'll go with. I'm now spinning finely enough that I might be able to do a 2-ply fingering weight yarn.

And finally, I picked back up the lace shawl project that I got to maybe 5" x 5" x 8" triangle and then frogged. It was pretty, and going well, but I dropped some stitches and I couldn't get it picked back up because it's too hard to figure out what goes where with this kind of lace. I finally got it back about to that same point:

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