Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Etsy shop is back in effect!

I put up 7 handspun yarns and a hand-dyed roving for sale in my etsy store today. I have been meaning to do this since I started amassing yarn that I knew I was not going to want to knit with myself (NOT because they're not good yarns to knit with, at all; but because I am all about the sock weight yarn these days), so today I finally got everything together and put up the listings. It took a while because I had to look up what the components of the yarns were, in the cases where I had spun them from roving I bought from other people. Also I had to count the rounds in the skeins (time consuming) and calculate what the yardage is in each. And finally entering the items is a bit of a task as well.

I had hoped to get some dyeing done this weekend, but today has been spent in the above task, then grocery shopping, and now laundry. And yesterday we spent the entire day going to see a movie at the mall. Seriously, we left the house at 2:30pm, met our friends at the mall at about 3:30pm (after driving around in circles stalking people coming out of the mall to try to get their parking space), saw the movie at about 4:50pm, went out for dinner after and hung out ... so it actually took the entire day.

However, it was a very good movie - "Be Kind Rewind" - which I really, really liked. It sounded like other people in the theatre were rolling in the aisles from the beginning, whereas it took me a while to get into the humor of it, but I thought it was quirky and fun and used Jack Black's wackiness well. And Mos Def was wonderful and thoughtful and sweet. So I really recommend it.

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