Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And speaking of red...

I was reading about California Red sheep, which I found from a link on Sock prØn. They sound amazing - sort of a cinnamon color when they are lambs, and then they get whiter as they grow up but can retain a slight tinge of the red in their wool, which is supposed to be quite soft and nice, with a silky feel and a staple length that is usually three to six inches. I followed that link through to a local California Red breeder and fiber farm, Apple Rose Farm in Wrightstown, NJ, and arranged to buy some of the roving that will come out of their February 29 shearing. I'm very excited. This is the closest to the actual sheep I've ever gotten in terms of the fiber I spin or the yarn I knit. I've touched sheep before; I just mean it's going to be sheared and then cleaned and carded and sent right to me! Whee!

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