Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Irritating action by an ex-coworker

My BF told me this story last night and it really pissed me off. He was hanging out with some coworkers and one of them wanted to invite his GF to join them - said GF being another of the coworkers who was laid off at the same time I was. One of the other guys begged off, saying he had been advised by counsel to distance himself from the people who were bringing legal action against the company. He's trying to get ahead there, has hopes of running a division, and doesn't want his rep to be tarnished from contact.

Now, first of all, I am in the same boat as this girl. My BF still works at the same company where I used to work, so these are ex-coworkers of mine as well. I've hired an attorney to negotiate with the company in an attempt to get a better severance package than their crappy offer. I was with the company for almost three years and I thought it was paltry. Also, without getting into it in detail, it was fucked up the way they picked who they laid off. My attorney felt I had a decent case, and sent a letter. I haven't heard anything back, which in and of itself is enraging, but I am trying not to believe the worst yet.

Secondly, and clear enough from the previous paragraph, I haven't brought any legal action against the company, at least so far; I've just hired a guy to negotiate on my behalf. I haven't brought a lawsuit (and hope I don't have to) against anybody. Nobody has, yet; it hasn't come to that. The most that has happened so far is attorneys getting hired and letters being sent.

Third, the guy's "counsel" is his GF, who's had her law degree for about 45 minutes. And it's so fucking grandiose of him to think that anybody gives the least bit of a damn who he hangs out with.

Obviously I'm taking it personally - and it wasn't even to do directly with me, but I'm in the same boat as this other girl, so it could have been. What a douchebag! This guy is actually a pretty nice guy, and although he was one of the "in-crowd" at the company (where good-old-boy cronyism was RAMPANT) I never held it against him. But now ... I just feel like, dude, FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in on. Good fucking luck at the company, hope you get ahead, don't call me on your way back down.

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