Monday, August 6, 2007


Adam and I made dill pickles yesterday evening. We had a good time making them, and although we can't tell yet if they will be good, since you have to wait EIGHT WEEKS before you can eat them, all the jars except one sealed up correctly so I think they will be good. The one that didn't quite seal we put in the fridge and we will doubtless eat them sooner.

Also, how fucking awesome are my labels!!!?! I don't know how well they can be seen here, but they are the coolest. "Specially Made by Adam and Barclay" and the date at the bottom. I used Art Deco clip art. I am The Man.

I remembered to grab photos of the process before it was all over, and I was able to make an Instructable. I don't know why I even wanted to but it was fun to write up the process and document it.

I was out of town at my parents' all last week. We had our annual family reunion - which sounds grander than it ever is, except we have been doing this every year now for nine years. Next year I will make "10th Annual" T-shirts to mark the occasion.

I still don't have a job. I didn't get the one at the NY Times, which really seemed like one that I would like and do well at. I liked the people, the name is good, the location was excellent, etc. But I didn't get it. They were looking for someone with more experience than I have doing direct project management work. I sent off emails and online applications to some jobs this morning. I'll get one eventually. But this is hard, and I need a job. I WANT a job. I want to go back to work. I want a purpose. Also, I'm tired of being bored all day long. I can't believe it, but I am bored by myself all day. I don't watch TV, because that would be the long drop into death for me, but I do stuff on the computer and I go to meetings and I apply for jobs and I work in the garden/back yard, and I try to stay busy. And it is getting TIRESOME.

I'm up for a job with this company Thumbplay, but I think the company sounds kind of ghetto. I can't tell with these companies if they are good risks to sign on with or not. The guy who interviewed me last week said they are pulling in millions, while trying to bargain me down on my salary. I hate that shit. It sounds like another Jon Lewin, and fuck that shit. He was stingy with his employees while he was making bazillions, and I'm still resentful.

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