Tuesday, July 3, 2007

more car sadness

adam took the car into the dealership today and found out that it is badly enough damaged that we had to make a claim with the insurance company. god DAMN it. this SUCKS. it turns out that i cracked the support for the radiator assembly, or something like that, and that will be $800 alone to fix, let alone replacing the hood and the plastic thingys that i broke off. i can't believe the damage was so bad, given that it was such a tiny accident. i scraped the car along the side of a pylon, that's all i did, and it did this much fracking damage? sad sad sad sad sad.

adam is THE BEST EVER! he took the car up to the dealership for me because i am sick. he is the winner! how i love that D&D playing dude!

i'm in bed all day (except for a few computer minutes, here, evidently) with this heavy chest cold. my throat and lungs and head all hurt and i am coughing only when necessary because it's painful. i hope to be better enough to go to my brother's tomorrow for the 4th of july. but it doesn't look good right now.

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