Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

yes, it's my birthday. i'm 44. it's a non-event this year. i was sick, until ... well, today was the first day i woke up and didn't think about being sick before i thought of anything else. so i didn't really organize much. adam got a few coworkers, ex- of mine but who are still friends, to join us tomorrow night for dinner. i called the place i wanted to go to make a reservation and they have a rehearsal dinner scheduled for the whole night so it's not available. i decided we will go to "max brenner, chocolate by the bald man" which is a place i've wanted to go since i saw them getting ready to open last year. i like chocolate, it's my birthday, we're going there. the only one of my non-work friends who can come is audrey, but i'm glad she will be there. and i like the coworkers adam corralled into coming quite a bit.

today i am going to do a couple errands, go to a meeting, and go to a knitting group at a yarn store in montclair. i need to let them get to know me, so although it's scary to go to a social thing like that without knowing anybody, i'm going to take the plunge. adam is in chicago and hopes to be home before midnight, but i'm not going to sit around home this evening because he might be home early. he also might be home late - if his travel history is anything to judge by...

i bought myself an orchid:

(that picture is from the website where i bought it.) it's the same one i bought for my mom for mother's day. she reports that it actually does smell like chocolate when the blooms open. it arrived this morning and there are little buds all over one stalk, almost ready to open. hooray!

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