Monday, May 14, 2007

to-do list, broken out into bite-sized units

  • get new jersey business tax id

  • get web site up and running
    set up yahoo small business site
    buy inventory
    enter inventory into yahoo small business tool

  • set up studio - done!!!
    set up shelving units
    put stuff away

  • buy a car - done!!!
    take a test drive
    sign a sales agreement
    get the downpayment certified check
    drive it off the lot

  • construct the back yard patio
    till the sod the neighbors dumped on us
    rake out the dirt
    flatten the dirt with a roller
    draw out the outline
    buy the bricks
    lay the bricks
    buy non-grass herb ground cover
    plant non-grass

  • plant veggies
    start the seeds in peat cups
    transplant the seedlings

  • plant flowers
    1. buy flowers
    2. plant deliveries
    repeat 1 & 2.

  • misc
    finish painting
    buy worms for back yard soil

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