Monday, May 21, 2007

money money money MO-NEY


adam and i went to foxwoods yesterday. i admit i didn't want to go ... and how wrong it would have been if we'd not gone down that road. of course you can never say what would have happened instead, but you CAN say that if we hadn't followed the coin toss (heads we go to foxwoods, tails we don't) that came up heads, we would not have:

  • had a gorgeous drive on a gorgeous day in my new cutie car
  • spent two-plus hours in hyperoxygenated air
  • learnt to play craps (well, adam already knew, but i didn't)
  • WON > $3000!!!!

  • adam started with $300 and of that he staked me $10. from there i went on to cash out at $1583 and he at about $1536. i threw them a $25 tip at the end and he gave them his odd chips for $36. (we also gave the craps game dealers countless "half and half yo"s and other gratis bets for goodwill.)

    it was amazing.

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