Wednesday, May 9, 2007

step 1 - create a life plan

my current status in life - work, recreation, relationships, finances

work, maybe a C-/D+. i don't like what i do or the tasks i am asked to do. i hate going to work. when i get called to meet on a new project i feel dread. i feel like i am engaging in a lot of misdirection to distract people from noticing that i don't know how to do my job. my goal maybe 11 years ago was "to be a programmer" - now i am one and it doesn't suit me very well.

recreation, maybe a B/B-. i enjoy lots of solo things like working on the house and seeing movies and watching tv with adam and working on the back yard. i don't really enjoy social events like parties and cocktail hours with coworkers. when i can be coaxed to go out, as long as it isn't too often, i do enjoy myself once out.

relationships, about a B. i am pretty slack about my few friendships outside of adam and family. but on the other hand, i think my relationships with adam and family though are a solid A.

finances, i'd say an A. i don't worry about money at all and i feel confident that i have enough and will keep having enough. i expect only improved vistas in this area. i do feel like i am pissing money during this period of moving in, working on the house & back yard; but that's temporary and i planned for it.

spiritual life, i guess a B. i feel pretty happy and content a lot of the time, although i am a big complainer and i have been getting into spats and crabby places with adam recently. i'm going to too few meetings and not doing any spiritual work at all. basically i'm grateful to be sober but don't say thanks about it too often, and yesterday's meditation was the first time in, uh, a year or more? it felt good and i need more of that back.

exercise, basically an F. i'm not doing almost anything sporty or exercisy. i quit karate and i miss it (have even dreamed about it a few times). i don't think it's feasible to get back into that right now but even a little more activity in my life would be an improvement.

arts & crafts, C - waiting for environmental shifts to be complete... once my studio is up and workable, i hope to see myself doing more in this area and enjoying myself more. i would like to complete the first tier of the master's knitting program, as a first step.

a definition of my ideal life

a very short description of my vision of a perfect life. meetings, sponsees, meditation, learning a new language, working some hours per day but not more than a few, some kind of sports activity like karate or running or biking, working in the garden, reading, making art, knitting, taking a graphics class, cooking, driving my car, making love & snuggling with adam, watching some great tv shows.

my skills

good writing skills
good at figuring things out
good at teaching skills & writing instructions

my ideal work style

how much free unscheduled time do i have? a lot.
do i have to dress up? no.
do i go into an office? not too often.
do i travel? no, at least not to other cities. maybe i drive around some to make house-call type visits.

my personal manifesto

"This is your personal mission, your values, what drives you forward, all wrapped up into a one-page (maximum) statement."
i love yarn. i love crafty things. i love going into craft and paper stores that give me a nosebleed from all the possibilities. i am excited by super-high-quality materials. i like working with textiles and i love knitting. i love the smell and the feel of good wool and silk and cashmere. i want to contribute to the craft explosion in a green, organic, positive way. i want to support small yarn manufacturers, small designers, small producers wherever possible. i want to feel like my business (wholesale purchasing) is making a difference to the people i'm buying my inventory from. i want to provide inspiration to people who can use their own creativity rather than decoupaging prefabricated images onto balsa wood boxes. i want to encourage people to be creative whatever their mode. i want to support creative endeavors in people who don't think they can be creative. i want to teach people how to do what i know how to do, and also that they can figure it out for themselves.

key moves to get me where i want to go

"These are simple strategic action items you must develop in order to transform your life plan from a self-assessment into an action plan."
get new jersey business tax id
get web site up and running
get studio setup finished
buy a car
finish the back yard patio
plant veggies
plant flowers

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