Thursday, May 24, 2007

i'm pushing other people's art, but not making any of my own.

just that. i'm finding awesome things online, building a fantastic blog collection in my reader page on iGoogle, and promoting wonderful and gnarly art knitting projects at other sites like boingboing. but not making anything of my own. i have a picture in my head of me in my studio standing at my work table folding and gluing something made of fabric (and i'm not sure why i am doing that exact task) but i never actually get there.

today i read in the 4-hour workweek about having an automated income stream type business to support you in your other endeavors. i got excited and i may well get there. i don't think i can find a way to do art otherwise; i need some empty time by myself, in the studio during the day, when adam is not at home to distract me.

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