Wednesday, May 30, 2007

goals, draft 2

  • start one or more online businesses that provide enough income to ...
  • quit my job
  • pass first level of master knitter program
  • make a nice back yard
  • lose weight

  • i have been taking actions toward these goals, well, all except the weight loss one. ugh. even the willingness to work on that one eludes me lately.

    i don't know if i want to start an online yarn store, and i took it off the list. i have been having second thoughts about it; it seems like a lot of work for not a lot of payoff. it might be nice to have a good "brick-and-mortar" yarn store nearby, and right now where i live there isn't one anywhere close. so it might be gratifying to open a yarn store, but i think that's the kind of thing i would be better off doing once i am living off the revenue streams from my other businesses. that's the plan, anyway.

    i asked beth to create a design for one of my business ideas. i prefer to keep what it is a secret for now, but i did take the action of enlisting one of the best designers i know to help create the product. i am waiting to hear her response to my request.

    i do plan to finish the first level of the masters program, and soon. it plays into another of my business ideas, also remaining private for the moment, though obviously it has to do with knitting! it will be helpful
    for that to have my masters under way.

    as i mentioned, we met with a contractor over the weekend to do work on the back yard. last night we also met with a plumber, who will be doing less glamorous but nevertheless necessary work replacing the boiler before it goes (it's already well past its life span). together the two pieces of work will total about ten grand. i have the money available and earmarked for this purpose, but i will be cleaned out once it's spent. so i need some more coming in, and stat.

    once i have enough money coming in and can quit my hated job, i can go back to karate, or hire a personal trainer, or just start jogging or something. right now i have enough to fill my time outside of work with getting to meetings and working on the house. so i need to remove the time sink that is my hated job. to do that, i have to have some alternate income streams. i'm working on that.

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