Monday, April 12, 2010

New sock

This is some lovely orange-hued fingering yarn with a little angora in the mix - it's incredibly soft and I'm really enjoying working with it. I've been very drawn by orange hues for over a year now and I sort of feel that I should move on, but it keeps catching my eye wherever I look. At least I've expanded my color horizons beyond browns - sort of.

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Angela said...

Hey.... don't belittle your move away from browns.... that was a might big step! I will worry about you if you start knitting only in cotton candy pink! BTW, are you ALWAYS sitting in traffic??

Dusty Dudley said...

Sometimes you just have to explore a color till you're satisfied with it. Fortunately, I get to explore lots of colors because everyone in my house has a different favorite color.

Or maybe, you're fascination with orange can be explained by the amount of time you spend near traffic cones....