Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hockey makes for good knitting time

This evening Adam discovered that not only was the Pittsburgh-Ottawa game on one channel but the NJ Devils-Philly game was on another, so we flipped back and forth between them, and I did a decent amount of work on the first test knitting sock.

I have to admit here that the first time around, I made not just one but two mistakes in the sock in the first three inches. I noticed I forgot two rows of stockinette between the ribbing and the pattern, so I had to pull out back to that point; as I was picking the stitches back up at the end of the ribbing, I spotted a tiny hole after the first two rows of ribbing, resulting from how at the end of a round, I had somehow turned and worked back toward the beginning. ACK! So I had to rip out all the way back to the beginning. I'm glad I noticed when I did, rather than after making a lot more progress!

I've now reworked the ribbing and started the pattern correctly, and worked through the pattern four times (I will do seven before the heel):

This time through, I haven't made any mistakes ... so far.

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