Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm a test knitter!

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Jennifer Heverly of Spirit Trail Fiberworks, whose fiber I have spun before and whose colorways I have extolled. I was in her fiber club, wherein I discovered I can't keep up with a fiber club, but I really enjoyed everything from it that I have so far spun; and I look forward to spinning more of it, from the months' worth that are still in my stash. ANYWAY, I got an email from her to her mailing list asking for test knitters. Evidently (from the next email) she got so many replies that she wasn't able to use everybody who wanted to test knit for her, and I thought I was out of the running. But about a week afterward I got another email from Jennifer saying she would in fact like me to be a part of the group! I've been wanting to test knit for people for a while, but hadn't really worked too hard to try to get in with somebody. Other than sending an email testing the waters with Anne Hanson of Knitspot (and she has plenty of people already) I was just sort of sitting here wishing. So this was an opportunity I was delighted to get.

In point of fact, I am actually a sample knitter now, as these are published patterns she is having people knit from her yarns to show what her yarns can do. But I am not quibbling; I'm delighted. Plus, I found out a little later that I am even getting PAID for this! I am psyched!

A couple nights ago when I got home from work I found my package in the mail. It was not one but TWO projects - a sock and a shawl. The sock is to be knit from her Frija fingering yarn in a gorgeous deep kelly green color,

and the shawl from her Lachesis laceweight yarn in a clean clear gray (no picture yet, but forthcoming when I begin the shawl).


Dusty Dudley said...

Very cool. That green is gorgeous :-)

Taminator© said...

That is an excellent choice she made calling you to be her tester! Congrats!