Monday, February 1, 2010

Embedding a PDF in a Blog

I want to embed a PDF of a pattern, but Blogger doesn't allow you to embed anything but images and videos. So I started by following the instructions provided at Blogger Tips and Tricks. Scribd's interface seems to have changed since those instructions were written, so below in bold are updated steps.

I created an account at Scribd and uploaded my PDF. Then I clicked on the link to go to the page where my PDF is displayed.

Now I want to add code to embed that PDF in my page here. I click the Share button above your PDF (fourth from left). That makes a popup come up which shows various options.

About halfway down there is a section called "Embed this document". Leaving all the options at their defaults, I just clicked the Copy button, and then pasted into my Blogger edit window.

Free Knitting Pattern - Gauntlets

The result is a Scribd flash viewer of my PDF with links to download/print/etc.



Dusty Dudley said...

Wow - thanks for this - I am actually about to run into the same problem. I've been just putting them in a shared folder on Google Docs, but I only have like 3 and they're not fully fleshed out (i.e. they're ugly and have no pics). Thus, this info is about to come in very handy - Thanks again for posting it :-)

Unknown said...

I'm embarrassed it took me so long to get around to figuring out how to do it... Google Docs is another good idea. I do like Scribd's way of displaying them with their embedded Flash display widget, though.

Dusty Dudley said...

Unfortunately, Google Docs doesn't embed it as far as I can find, so I've just been posting the link to the document. As to being embarrassed, don't: I have to keep a running list of HTML stuff that my hubby gives me because I am HTML-clueless. He's got a Scribd account, so I can get him to show me what it looks like once I get a pattern or two in presentable shape :-)