Friday, February 26, 2010

Sock in development

This is the first few inches of a new sock, the first I have attempted to design myself. I find so many other people's patterns so attractive and interesting that I would really like to be working on those, so I actually feel a little regretful not to cast on for another sock by Anne Hanson, or a BSJ with the yarn I just spun. But I've been yearning to design something for a while now. I was in my yarn studio winding the final cake of yarn for the orange sweater (odd: I forgot that I'm designing that too) and I spotted the skein of yarn I bought from the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm (now Juniper Moon Farm) last fall, so I wound that too. Its delicate color called out for a lacy sock, so I combed through the Barbara Walker stitch books Adam recently gave me until I found an appropriate pattern. I charted it out when I was waiting in the doctor's office, and dove in. So far I really like it!

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Dusty Dudley said...

That's pretty :-)

Of course, I'm laughing because I tend to feel a moment of embarrassment every time I try socks on for fit while they're still on the needles, wondering if anybody else does that. Good to know it's not just me. When they're on DPN's, I always feel like I should yell "Qapla'!" because it reminds me of pointy Klingon boots ;-)