Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm siiiiiiiiiiick (wah)

It is only a cold, and not even a bad one at that, but it was bad enough that I lost my voice over the course of the day yesterday and had to stay home from work today. (I only have five sick days for the entire year, so I have to mete them out very carefully.) To add insult to injury, TiVo had nothing to suggest - zero ideas for me - last night, and only two good shows today (Sanctuary). I was forced to watch reruns of Bones and an episode of Burn Notice that I ought to have waited to watch together with Adam.

I do have an engrossing book, the fifth in the Sword of Truth ("Legend of the Seeker" on TV) series, so I spent some time reading that, and have knitting to work on (the sleeves of the orange sweater). I have an Elizabeth Peters book on disc (Tomb of the Golden Bird) to listen to, and I listened to a chapter of that. I have stuff to keep me somewhat entertained, or at least distracted, while I wait for this crap to leave my sinuses and lungs.

I can't smell much; but I can tell that I smell like a skunk. Really bad. Adam is out in the city tonight with friends who don't smell, and who can blame him?

I have been spinning a lot, and I will post for real, with pictures, when I feel a little better.

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Dusty Dudley said...

Yikes - sorry you're sick :-( Hope you get better soon.