Thursday, June 4, 2009

A year in fiber starts today

Recently I read on another blog (and I can't remember which, unfortunately) that the blogger was working on taking one picture of fiber a day for a year. I was inspired by their example and am going to try to do the same.

By way of explanation, if necessary, here's another view...

This is the almost-complete spin of the second issue in the fiber club I joined a while back - I've been really struggling with it, because the two fibers in the mix are hard to spin together. I have probably one more night in front of the TV with this and it is done. I have in mind a Navajo ply (basically a looooooong crochet chain that spins into a 3 ply) for it. We shall see. Navajo ply is very new to me and my fingers get tired by it.

More shall be revealed.

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