Monday, June 8, 2009

Fiber Photo 365, day 5

This is not a beautiful photograph per se, but it shows a bunch of work I've done lately - yarn I'm about to post in my Etsy shop. I'm sure I'm neither the first nor the last to observe that creating the product is the smallest part of selling it. (In fact, this is probably not the first time I've said it.) Once you've created it, you have to photograph it, Photoshop the photo to crop and correct for color, name it, label it, and list it on Etsy. I think the last one is the worst part, because it takes a long time for each one. I think my least favorite part is coming up with tags to describe it. I wonder if anybody has worked out a faster way to list on Etsy? Maybe via a feed? That would be tremendous. I'm going off to Google that now.

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