Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fiber Photo 365, day 17

Missed another day due to being sick with this stupid flu. Can't wait until I can stop taking guaifenesin (generic Mucinex), because it smells and I can smell it in my nose and in my pee. Ugh. Not to mention, I'm tired of hacking up and blowing out yellow stuff. Okay, that's probably way too much information and/or an undesirable mental image I just gave you. Sorry! Perhaps this will compensate:

It's not spaghetti in tomato sauce ... It's Seduce, a gorgeous 40g of a viscose/linen/silk/nylon blend from Berroco that I am going to use to make ... well, that part is a secret. But I plan to enjoy working with this very much. The color is intense and the yarn has a nubbly sheen. It's like a beautiful necklace. In fact I am wearing it around my neck at the moment.

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