Friday, May 16, 2008

A month into the new job

Five weeks, two paychecks, and quite a few hours more than I've logged in previous jobs, I can say I do like this job. It's somewhat stressful right now as we are coming up on a closed beta launch and then a couple weeks after that an open beta launch, but it's interesting, challenging work and I have smart, fun coworkers.

It's meant I've basically abandoned all dyeing for the time being and I'm not spinning as much either, and I haven't posted an update to my Etsy store since I started there. But I am confident that in a few more weeks the pace will subside somewhat and I can put some energy back into my fiber stuff.

We just got FIOS today. I'm posting faster already! Okay, just kidding. I don't think it's going to improve my personal web output. But I do hope to see a greatly improved performance over (Sub)Optimum Online. We also got a whole bunch more premium channels on the TV. Not that we needed them given that we were already quite capable of finding sufficient timewasters with the existing lineup. But we are now have Showtime, which means catching up with Dexter, and we also can get the French channel (TV5, aka "tehveh cinq") which I like a lot. So our French will improve and we will have even less unoccupied time than before. :)

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