Monday, May 5, 2008

Handspun Mitts

I'm delighted to present the second project spun by me and then knitted by me - this time made for me as well!

Pattern: Wine and Roses Mitts, by Jolene Treace, from Interweave Knits, Winter 2006. The only modification: I did not bind off the final rows, but instead tacked them to the inside right off the needle, to reduce bulk.

This was a fun pattern, more so because I was knitting yarn that I spun myself. I split the roving lengthwise and spun it as carefully as I could so the two halves would match in color striations. One skein was 172 yards, the other 177. After winding each skein into center-pull balls, I was lucky to be able to guess at the same starting end for each of them (I was afraid I'd knit the second one starting from the opposite end from the first). It was nervewracking but also really satisfying to watch the colors unspool, and periodically I compared the first one with the second to make sure they matched. I couldn't believe they came out so well! I'm really delighted.

I finished them on the train home this evening and immediately put them on and admired them for the rest of the train ride and subsequent drive home. Too bad it's too warm to wear them again until autumn...

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