Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Working on my workroom

I got cheap pine shelving units from IKEA and a very inexpensive folding 6' table from Staples that was on clearance and I reorganized the basement so the hot plate is not teetering on a couple of cardboard boxes and I could put things away in containers. IKEA and Staples are great for stuff like that.

I got an email from Sundara yarns celebrating the fact that they are turning two years old this month. You know, I am really hard on myself in that I expect myself to be instantly up and running, viable business concern, with a huge inventory and the ability to do things that require years of experience. For me to compare myself to someone like that, who has now several years of experience doing what I hope to do well someday, is just self-defeating thinking and I hope I can wean myself off it.

The fact that Sundara yarns is ONLY two years old is actually amazing, considering how excellent an operation she has going. She's another consummate professional whom I greatly admire and hope to follow in the footsteps of. I shall just congratulate her on her success and let it go at that! I recommend you check out her online shop. For her two-year anniversary she created a special color, Tulip, which she was trying to match a flower in her mother's garden that is "the most gorgeous peachy pink with hints of cinnamon." It looks like she got it. Check it out here. I have some of the fingering silky merino shown on that page, which was part of the Seasons yarn club that she had this winter, and it's really amazing yarn. It'd be really great for a pair of late-winter gloves.

I also think this fingering silky merino yarn would be terrific for a tapestry, though I just had the thought and am not sure if I mean needlepoint, or fancy stitchery, or knitting, or what. It just seems like it would be great for a big canvas that was meant for display. Perhaps a big heirloom bed coverlet.

Adam is sick with a bad head cold, and suffering in the living room, snoring away while I work in my basement and do other stuff around the house. I love being unemployed and can easily find plenty of things to do to fill the day quite cheerfully and productively.


amandasewickley said...

I's so envious of your having a workroom!

amandasewickley said...

or rather: I'm so envious of your having a workroom!