Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Business Time!

Adam has been really encouraging me to try to figure out a way to make money from my fiber art and has offered to underwrite my expenses more in support of it. I confess that I feel that having been let go at this time from my job was a sign from the universe that I need to give it a try. I spent the rest of Friday and the weekend working on dyeing roving, spinning, and photographing items for my Etsy shop. I also added a number of things to the shop and also decided to change the shop over to (instead of the username I was selling under before), for consistency across blog, shop, etc. I changed the link at right to the new address.

I made a couple sales already in the new shop address, too, which is great. It's very encouraging.

Yesterday I set up books (accounting) for the business as well. I will probably expand on this, but for a start, I set up worksheets on revenues, expenses, inventory, and Etsy listings. If I were to keep up these, I could produce monthly and/or quarterly P&L (Profit&Loss - mine will be mostly L at least at first), which would come in handy should I decide to go further and seek a business loan. Also, and this sounds weird I'm sure, but it's kind of fun. I worked in business analysis (Mergers and Acquisitions) when I first got out of school and the numbers work is somewhat mindless and calming. (It's only fun because I don't have to do it for a living...)

One other thing. It's Monday and I don't have to go to work at my old company. I have to say this was the first weekend in 6 months in which Sunday wasn't ruined with dread for going back into the office the following day. I HATED that place. I did like many of my coworkers quite a lot, which was the only thing that saved me. But I detested my job, and the organization was colossally dysfunctional. And working in Jersey City sucked ROCKS! It was so ghetto - dirty, littered, and crappy. I'm so happy I don't have to go back there.

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