Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

Today is the Vernal Equinox, which means it's the start of Spring! Easter is this weekend, and our back yard work is going to start next week (and hopefully wrap up within a few days) after which we will have a patio, and then we can begin planting seeds in the back yard garden. I'm excited to begin the new season.

I think I am going to have to get a new job, ideally part time if possible. It's great to have a store on Etsy, but I'm not making very many sales (yet) and it's not enough to support me by a long shot. Also, I know Adam is antsy that I don't have a plan for how more money is going to come in.

Yesterday I had my second career counseling session. I really like my counselor, who I think can help me zero in on what will make me happy in my work life. Last week she assigned me homework, to list 25 moments of accomplishment (that I felt sucessful about), and then pick 7 of those 25 and write a short paragraph about each. I did this; it was hard getting started but I was able to find a lot of things that I was proud of, big and small:

1. When I rescued a baby who fell in the pool right in front of me

2. The first painting I made in my Painting 201 class

3. Several sculptures I made in college

4. When I had my senior thesis show

5. When I took my slides to White Columns gallery

6. The first time I spoke in a meeting

7. When I broke up with Richard B.

8. When I paid off my creditors and was able to resume answering my phone with my name (I wasn't dodging anybody anymore)

9. When I had a drawing in the Small Works Show at NYU

10. The first time I got straight A's and A+'s at Columbia pre-med

11. After I quit smoking, when I was able to go right into a store where I was window shopping (I wasn't working on a smoke I had to finish before going in)

12. The first Perl CGI script I ever got to run

13. When I bought my first apartment (in Brooklyn)

14. When I hand made custom Roman shades

15. When I made amends to my dad

16. When I pulled my nephew out of the snowbank he'd fallen headfirst into

17. When I went to Provence and was able to converse in French with the locals

18. When I went for my Advanced Brown belt in karate

19. When I sang in the Second Avenue Talent Show (and other venues)

20. When I bought my house

21. When I moved in with Adam

22. When I made my felted dinosaurs

23. The first time I dyed yarn

24. The first time I spun yarn

25. The first time I sold something from my Etsy store

I wrote paragraphs about 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 23, and 25, but I won't put them in here. I went over them with my counselor. My next assignment is to assess the events I wrote about and figure out what strengths/talents/interests they utilized, working from a list she provided me.

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Calling on Kahlo said...

What an interesting activity! Your list is very diverse I wonder what patterns and trends you deduce from the paragraphs.