Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Here's the lovely dinner that Adam made, mostly by himself with only a little useful help from me.

He brined the 13-lb turkey overnight using Alton Brown's recipe (also see the four videos on YouTube). He lined the pan with half-apples to keep the turkey from sitting on the bottom of the pan (we couldn't find our rack anywhere and we begin to suspect we never had one at all. We used my mom's at Thanksgiving). He stuffed it with aromatics, including rosemary, sage, apple, and onion, and then placed it on top of the apples. Here it is all ready for the oven:

And here it is, perfectly roasted:

My contributions were the artichokes and mashed potatoes (not shown because they were boring):

And the Easter Bunny happened by as well.

It was utterly magnificent - one of the best turkeys I've ever eaten. And the gravy wasn't bad either, because of the apple flavoring in the juice. Adam's sister Tracy and her boyfriend Ryan drove up from south Jersey and ate the feast with us. It was lovely having them here. After eating, we played Rock Band for a while, then watched "Die Hard 4".

Here's hoping you all had a lovely Easter as well.

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Taminator© said...

Looks delish! Wish I was there, sorry to miss it.... I may have to 'borrow' the recipe myself.