Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You spin me right round, baby, right round

Adam wanted to try spinning as well. Actually, he tried it the first day when he put it together after I'd had a go, but last night he was watching me and said he wanted to try again. He's watched other spinners before and I guess it's contagious.

I really love doing it. It's completely absorbing. Last night I was frustrated and irritated with the bamboo roving that I was trying out for the first time; it's got a very different feel to it and it was totally different from spinning wool. But even that was pretty nice. So far my favorite thing to spin is the roving my mom got me from her friend Terry's sheep. I think that's so damn cool! My friends (and now my coworkers too) are joking with me that I will want to have sheep of my own soon. Well, maybe some day, never say never, but right now I'm fine with somebody else doing all the work of raising them feeding them trimming the hair from around their butts and shearing them, not to mention cleaning and carding the wool once it's sheared. And it's dirty stuff. So give me a nice clean roving that somebody else has already done all the work to. I'll just spin it up quietly in my little chair. Hee.

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