Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fiber Fiesta

I finished the first of the ice blue gloves:

aint it lovely? I've already been wearing it around like Michael Jackson.

I got this lovely pink roving:

from which I spun this:

I ordered three pounds of various ends of white roving:

and they included this parcel of brown as a thank-you gift.

I wanted to spin up brown and ply it with the pink but didn't have enough so I dyed some more brown. I didn't quite match the brown color (that's the gift roving on the left, the dyed and drying on the right):

I used half a teaspoon of brown, half a teaspoon of yellow, and half a teaspoon of red as an afterthought because I thought without it it seemed too yellow. I should have left the red out and it'd have been more on target. Ah well, dare to fail! I learned something. And it has yet to dry so let's see what color it is then. What fun! I like dyeing in immersion rather than by painting color on, I have discovered. Painting it on is messier.

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