Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wistfulness of Garden Cleanup

Over the weekend we took out all the squash vines, which didn't do much in terms of yielding fruit. We got ONE pumpkin and two spaghetti squash. Sad. The plants got some kind of fungus and my belated attempts at fungicide didn't work. The fungus seemed eventually to travel over to the cucumber plants as well, and maybe even affected the tomatoes, although I'm not sure if their yellowing is because of that or because of it being close to the end of their season. This is my first year growing stuff and I don't know much yet. So we took out the cucumber vines as well. We pulled out all the weeds that had grown up in among the vines and put down black mulch to preserve the bed edges. It looks much neater, but I feel a little sad as well, as it signals the summer is coming to an end. I actually hate summer, because I hate being hot, but the end of the growing season feels a little sad.

This was the second weekend in a row where we put a lot of effort into yard cleanup. We are having our housewarming party finally this coming weekend so Adam is motivated to make things look nice. It's good when he gets into cleaning up the place - it helps me energize to work on it too. I hope the party is good!

I had a job interview yesterday and it seemed to go pretty well. I don't feel drawn to the job, which was with a small startup in a tiny office where people were nevertheless all in suits. What the hell? I have another one today where the people are famous for requesting interviewees NOT show up in fancy dress, and one interviewee even went in jeans. It's weird - I'm not crazy about getting all gussied up, but I feel nervous at showing up at an interview NOT in a suit. But I will attempt to tread some line between slovenly and fancy. I also have a phone interview - those are easy. I just have to read the material they sent me beforehand to refresh my memory, and come up with a good line for why I want to work there. In case I actually do; most of the time I feel lukewarm. I actually DID want to work for the Times, and didn't get the job. Meh.

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Robin Lloyd said...

ohmigod! you're blogging again. i was just randomly checking after you know, 3 months or more of no hope, none i tell you! and there you are. well, this settles it. i don't have to do anymore work the rest of the day. my reading time is not allotted ;)