Thursday, August 23, 2007

I finished the secret felted toy projects!

I bought toy eyes while I was in the city today and this evening I put them on the felted toys and did the other elements of finishing and took photographs and finalized the Word doc of the pattern and and and ... and sent it off to Knitty! Ver' exciting! This is the first time I have submitted a pattern to be published. I think it's the cutest goddamn idea ever, and they'd be crazy not to accept it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have about 30 other ideas, designs, and finished items I can make patterns of after this one. I plan to submit a proposal to Interweave Knits next; they want a proposal rather than a finished pattern, which is much easier.

Also - I got a job offer today! The official offer is pending the final dollar amount, but they want me, and I will take the offer as soon as they figure out how much they can pay me. The least it will be is $X, or maybe it will be $(X + Y). I will be happy to work for them even if it is only $X. So, YAY! Finally! I really am employable!

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