Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'm going to babysit for my niece & nephew this afternoon/evening. Now that they are older (6 & 4) they aren't as hard to take care of and I am up to the task. Basically they will tear me limb from limb and then I will try to get them bathed and into bed before collapsing.

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Krawuggl said...

Hope you had a funny and easy night with the 'babies'. It was also very interesting to read that you have to wait 8 weeks before you can enjoy the pickles, I´ve never known that. I wanted to make them, too, some years ago, so we´ve picked the fruits from the field and this it was. Never found the time to prepare them and after a week we throwed them away. Very uneconomic and a real waste. But I am sure one day I will try it again!
Thank you so much for your nice comment, it was such a pleasure that you were inspired to the Ode, singing is always the most relaxing thing to me, especially when I am alone at home.
Have a great sunday with lots of wonderful hours,
best wishes from Germany, Suzi