Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mr BabaBlackSheep

A friend of mine from college asked me in an email what category my BF fits into and here is how I replied.

I'd like to say he defies description, but let me take a stab. He is 5'11", somewhat overweight, half Italian, half Irish (looks more Italian than Irish but doesn't have a hairy back, thank God). He's brown-haired and brown-eyed. He's GRUFF. He's very funny and very smart. Went to Rutgers for one semester and then went to work doing computer programming - a surprising number of developers didn't finish college. He still plays D&D, often as dungeon master. He's a comic book enthusiast. He's generally a sci-fi nut. He's kind of a classic geek.

He is also very sociable and outgoing, whereas I have rediscovered my introverted self, which I covered up for a long time with a veneer of acting extroverted. Sometimes we clash on the issue of how sociable to be; I'd rather stay home and read or watch a movie, whereas he has lots of friends and likes to go out. He's a sales engineer; that nicely joins his programmer side and his social side, and he does quite well at it.

He is NOT the type of guy I thought I'd end up with, but thank God I didn't end up with that type, the skinny, cool, slightly hard hearted guy that I would always be working hard to try to make like me even when we were together. I had that guy and he sucked. Adam pursued me for a long time before I finally realized what I was missing and met him halfway. So I am very lucky he found me. He laughs at my stupid jokes and we have a lot of fun together.

On the other hand, he is a slob, occasionally stays up all night playing computer games, drinks more than he should sometimes, and on rare occasions I have to remind him he is lucky to have me. So he's certainly not perfect. But I feel like I found the right guy for me, finally.

Adam, if you are reading this: You're my favorite.

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