Friday, September 7, 2007

Blogging on knitting

I don't know why knitting is the last thing I want to write about in this blog. It may be because I've had other issues taking up my notice - being laid off, being out of a job, interviewing for jobs, deciding to take my career in a slightly different direction, interviewing for those jobs, finally getting a job. Maybe it's because I've kept track of the knitting projects I've been doing in ravelry instead, but that's no excuse because I don't actually write much in ravelry about the projects, I just enter them into their tracking system and rarely add a note or two. And anyway, lots of people still can't get into ravelry, so it's still somewhat suboptimal.

But since this blog is nominally about knitting and yarns about knitting (get it? a pun on the word "yarn"? sorry), then I should write about knitting at least sometimes.

I'm working on these little UGG-like booties with leftover sock yarn doubled. I've had this idea for a long time because I think they will be so cool. Baby UGGs in jewel colors; baby UGGs in non-UGG colors, essentially. If they look good, I'll sell them on etsy. I started a pair last night with some magenta multicolored yarn from Cherry Tree Hill. Baby booties are great because they are so small and thus knit up quickly. I wish it were that easy to make a pair for myself!

I was reading in another knitting blog about how the blogger was looking forward to faculty meetings, in which she would be able to knit contentedly on her latest project. I felt much envy. I just don't quite have the nerve to knit in my work meetings; I wish I did, because I certainly listen perfectly well while knitting (I knit in my program meetings and absorb the content I need to just fine), and it gives me something to do with my hands. But I have tried a couple times and I always feel like people think I am a lightweight. Maybe when I get more settled in here, and feel more solid. We'll see.

* * * * *

Now, after having written the above and then looking back over the previous few posts, I realize I'm writing about textile stuff more than I thought. Designing has taken up some of my time and attention lately. It's not easy to write about because it's supposed to be secret until (one hopes) it gets published. But I have tried to write about it as much as I can.

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