Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back yard work

I bought some pansies that you plant now and they are GUARANTEED to come up in the spring. Guaranteed! I put them in the elevated bed and it is starting to have an artful artless quality that I like. I did just say "artful artless" intentionally.

I also dug up some crap in this one corner that I have been avoiding - big flat gnarly weeds like dandelions, but not actual dandelions - and went to get the grass seed to put where I dug the crap up, and I discovered a hole in the bottom of the grass seed bag, so half the grass seed spilled out when I picked it up. Doh! Grr. I think there is a critter that chewed it open, most likely a squirrel. I swept up most of it and put it in a couple tupperware containers. Chew THAT open, fucker.

I got some pumpkins as well when I was at the garden place. I love autumn and I love pumpkins and I love Halloween and I am PSYCHED to have a house that I can decorate for the season.

So the two bottom pumpkins are the ones I bought today; the one to the right of that is the one (and only, sadly) that we grew in our back yard; atop the home grown one is the one I knitted and felted and stuffed; to the left of that is the candle I got at Target, which I think is VERY realistic; and behind it all is a wicker one, also from Target, dorky but I like it.

The pumpkins on the front stoop!

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