Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm reading something other than the Sword of Truth series, for once: Flawless, by Scott Andrew Selby and Greg Campbell. I didn't think it would stand the test of the exercise bike (compared to the S.o.T. books, which are great for the bike), but it does just fine. It's just as engrossing as a heist movie (e.g., "The Italian Job," "Ocean's Eleven," etc.), which I love. In fact, in some ways it's more fun to read about it, because it's really well researched, and you get a lot of interesting detail about why such and such a method of securing a safe deposit box door is better than another. The one thing I really wish the book had is pictures - or even drawings - for example when the authors are describing a tool the thieves devised to solve one of the many seemingly insoluble hurdles between themselves and the loot. But their descriptive powers are strong, and it's not terribly difficult to use your imagination and figure it out. Their pacing is good too. Given that you know from the outset that they are able to break in and steal the safe contents, the way the authors build up to the actual event, and start to show how things break down (leading to some of the thieves' arrest), is very satisfying. I've covered quite a few "miles" on the stationary bike with this one, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next - I'm only halfway through.

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Today I had a doctor's appointment that was LESS than satisfactory, given that I had to wait 45 minutes to be seen by the radiologist, who informed me that since I marked "could possibly be pregnant" on the form she couldn't do the scan. I was able to have the sonogram, since that's not an X-ray, fortunately, so it wasn't a complete waste of my time. I became really annoyed, as I thought about it while I waited for the sonogram after being turned back from the mammo, that they didn't tell me not to have sex after my last period, given that it was so damned important. How was I supposed to know, if they didn't tell me? For frak's sake! I got them, though - I found the opinion survey table on my way out and unloaded all this on them. And they did the sono, which was all I really wanted to have done. Mammograms SUUUUUUHHHHUUUUUHHHHHUUUUCK.

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Angela said...

Possibly?? It wouldn't even dawn on me to check that box unless I was actively trying to get pregnant.