Monday, March 29, 2010

En Pointe Socks - Free Pattern

I have finished the "pink socks" pattern, finally. Since I'm still really new to designing, and don't know if I've made mistakes (though I was really careful and I think I found everything), it's another free pattern. I'll put it up on Ravelry shortly. I was encouraged to finish it now because I plan to enter it in the Socks Revived Design Contest being run by Exercise Before Knitting.

download now

Adam has cautioned me to enter it in the contest and then let it go. He has seen me get super depressed when something I submitted to a magazine didn't get accepted. I know lots and lots of people will be entering the contest, and only five winners will be chosen. So, most people will not win! probably myself included. But I worked hard on the design, and I am proud of the result, and the socks are gorgeous in person, and I am taking the chance to enter the contest, even if I don't win.

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Dusty Dudley said...

Well I think they're lovely and you did a great job :-)