Sunday, September 7, 2008


My British coworker Ray likes to correct my pronunciation of the word "scones" - I say "skoans" and he says it should be "skahns." Well, since it's a very British edible I'll go along with him, certainly whenever he's around, for sure. I've heard this pronunciation in the past and have found that Americans don't know what the hell to which you refer when you use the proper pronunciation. Oh well. Cain't win fer losin'.

So, the day's production:

This is from a great recipe from a great site, The first time I made them I did the streusel topping, but this time I just sprinkled Demerara sugar on them, which I think was just as satisfying without the effort of making the streusel. And they are SO DELICIOUS! I'll take the leftovers to work tomorrow.

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