Sunday, September 7, 2008

Front Yard, New and Improved

We had our front yard redone (finally). It looks a million times better. It only took us a year to get our thoughts organized on what we wanted to do, get some estimates, and commit to the project. Words cannot express it; here instead are before and after pictures.

This is before. Look how fugly:

This is now. Look how BEAUTIFUL! Click to see it close-up.

The bushes across the front are viburnum, which are flowering and fruit-bearing plants, and the berries are edible. :)

The yard looks bigger, you can actually see the house, and there's even a lot more light because the weed trees along the side were shading it out. The neighbors are all delighted, as you can well imagine. The property values of all four houses in our row just went up considerably.

As you can see, we ripped out the holly bushes, the ivy, the weed trees along the side, and all the weeds, and put in little bushes that will fill in over time.

For more befores, check this old post: August 12 2007

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Taminator© said...

It looks spectacular! Makes your neighbors yard look like poo! Well, no, they did that on their own...