Saturday, April 12, 2008


I finished Johnny's socks:

This morning we got our new sofa finally:

It's from Crate & Barrel and it's the exact same model as the sofa it replaces. The old one was stained and lumpy and the cats had used it as a scratching post, so its useful life was coming to an end. I am, however, going to give it away on Craig's List.

We did work on the back yard (see Adam's Armageddon Garden Club post).

I spun 2 kinds of yarn from this roving (100% Merino combed top from Yesterday I split it lengthwise into two halves and split one of those in half again and spun those and plied them together. I was aiming to match the variations in the color when I plied them together, to end up with yarn with the plies that varied at the same rate. Here is the unspun half of the roving with the two-ply.

Today I split the second half lengthwise, then split those lengthwise again (so I had four 1/8-width lengths of roving). I spun and plied two together, and then repeated the process, and then plied two 2-ply lengths together to make what is called a cable-plied yarn.

You can see how different the cable-plied came out (highly overspun, on the left) vs the 2-ply:

Here they are drying after a dip in the water (with a weight on the cable-plied to straighten out the twist):

I also got this roving - 1/3 merino, 2/3 colonial roving from

and this one - australian merino top roving from Flawful Fibers, one of my favorite fiber sources:

Dusty slept

and Lily hid.

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