Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dunn Family Reunion '08 Kids' Socks Project complete!

I finished Jack's second sock, and his pair was the last of the bunch to be done. After finishing the duplicate-stitch fire motif on both sides of both socks, I did all the finishing on Jack's, Amanda's, and Johnny's socks, as all of them were done being knit but had yarn ends hanging off them all over. Finishing is a pain in the ass, but once I get started I can usually crank through it in a sitting. Anyway, I'm very pleased with all four of them. Here are the three pairs after a quick rinse (Julianne's were already washed and blocked earlier):

Here's a closeup of the fire motif:

I made a gif of the stitch pattern (there's a left and a right so the fire sort of flows backward on each side). Please feel free to download and use this pattern if you like.


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