Saturday, December 8, 2007

"No lace, Mrs Bennet, I beg you!"

I decided to use the Sundara yarn to make the Adamas shawl (also viewable on Ravelry). It's a nice manageable-looking lace pattern that I think I can tolerate for the time it will take to finish it. I might even enjoy it.

I used to enjoy lace knitting so much, until I started working on the Filigree Lace Jacket by Joan McGowan-Michael from White Lies Designs. I like her designs quite a lot, but once I actually started knitting it, I realized it was the exact same lace pattern as a little shrug-esque Rowan sweater I'd made about a year before, and not only that, but I'd chosen the same yarn, Calmer (different color, but that hardly matters). I've already knitted too much in that yarn, this being the third sweater in it. Not only all of that, but then after knitting about 18 or 20 inches I discovered that it no longer will fit me, as I've fattened up too much for it. So, since I had yet to do any shaping on the body of the thing, I decided to make it a shawl. But it's the shawl that will never end, having been damned too much in its already too-long work life. I work on it when I have nothing else in progress. I think it's already been two or three years in the making. That's long for me.

Anyway, anyway, the new lace shawl; maybe it will restore my faith in lace knitting. We'll see. I just have to finish Adam's other glove before I can begin. I have been remarkably good about doing one thing at a time, these days.

* * * * *

I made Rocks, molded shortbread cookies with two pecan halves at their centers, on Thursday night,

and fudge today.

The holiday cookie/candy making season is upon me.

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